Presentation of certifind in South Korea

OnTour had an opportunity to share our research with the rest of the world! The United Nations Centre International de Formation des Autorités et Leaders (CIFAL) in South Korea caught wind of OnTour’s online tool and our efforts to create an effective platform to support sustainable tourism in the Alps. CIFAL extended an invitation to a member of the OnTour team to come to South Korea and present our work on June 1st at their 2019 Ecotourism Platform Workshop. The workshop brought industry experts and public sector practitioners to discuss the challenges of implementing sustainable tourism platforms, and OnTour was able to present certifind, our online tool, as a best practice. Very few regions have a systematic way to navigate the jungle of labels and OnTour was able offer insights for the Asia-Pacific. We also received valuable feedback on how to improve our tool, namely to encourage our businesses to pursue Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) accredited labels.