The Online Tool is ready!

We have decided to call it certifind and we have high hopes that it will live up to its namesake to help tourism providers find the right certification for their business. Although certifind has been operational for about a month, the last two weeks have seen some remarkable modifications and fine-tuning to make it as user-friendly as possible.
Indeed, since its conception have we designed certifind with the end-user in mind and aim to simplify the information filtering processes certification seekers would otherwise endure. That’s why you won’t find any drop-down menus, lengthy tabular data or run into any “no results found” error messages when using the tool.
Certifind begins with a straightforward regional map of the Alps, delineated in muted earth tones and set to a memorizing moving mountainscape. Simply select your region(s), your business type and what sort of sustainability you’re looking for. If you’re not too familiar with aspects of sustainability, don’t worry; there’s a short explanation of the three options. Once you’re ready, show the results and you’ll see all the sustainability labels which operate in your region for your business.