A "Tourism-breakfast"

Everyone knows that a healthy breakfast is a good start for a day full of engaging discussions and new ideas to come. The “Tourism-Breakfast” that will take place on 21st November 2018 in Bischofshofen (AT) will make advantage of an informal and creative environment to foster the discussion among municipalities, representatives of tourist associations in the Pongau region and the on how to combine man, the environment and the economy into a single word: sustainable tourism. The discussion will embrace various key-elements for a sustainable tourism sector, namely the population’s involvement, the impact on the ecological system, as well as the economy. This will be an opportunity to give emphasis to some transversal components for a more sustainable tourism management, i.e. a low-impact tourism mobility, new development possibilities linked to climate change and its effects on summer tourism, the lack of high-qualified workers in the tourism sector, as well as the marketing opportunities provided by sustainability labels for tourism facilities.
You can download the programme of the event below.