A "Tourism-breakfast"

Everyone knows that a healthy breakfast is a good start for a day full of engaging discussions and new ideas to come. The “Tourism-Breakfast” that will take place on 21st November 2018 in Bischofshofen (AT) will make advantage of an informal and creative environment to foster the discussion among municipalities, representatives of tourist associations in the Pongau region and the on how to combine man, the environment and the economy into a single word: sustainable tourism.
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The Tourism Management Club will take place in Bruneck/Brunico (Italy) from November 2018 to May 2019. The TMC will organize monthly discussions about the present challenges faced by the tourism sector and will invite brilliant speakers to give their contribution. The objective of the TMC is to link the scientific sector with all tourist operators working in this field and be a point of connection for local initiatives in Südtirol/Alto Adige. More information here.

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Visit of Theiner's Garten

On 7 November 2018 the OnTour partners had an inspiring exchange of experiences with Mr. Stefan Hütter, the owner of the Theiner's Garten hotel in Gargazon/Gargazzone (BZ). The Theiner's Garten hotel was the first tourist accommodation certified KlimaHotel and BioHotel in South Tyrol, being the result of a great motivation to create a structure with a reduced ecological footprint. Learning from such experiences is fundamental to promote sustainable forms of tourism. This is why OnTour will keep on having further best-practice exchanges in the three project regions. We will keep you updated!
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Traffic, noise and air pollution, negative experiences for guests: how to manage increasing tourist flows in the Dolomites? For the second year, the Trentino and Alto Adige areas cooperated in the #Dolomitesvives project to reduce individual traffic on the Sella Pass/Sellajoch and encourage a more sustainable tourist mobility. From 23rd July to 31st August 2018 the transit of private vehicles was limited between 9 a.m and 4 p.m., with a maximum of cars allowed per time slot. There was no limit for those who chose public transport, cable cars, walking or cycling. All information on bus stops, #Dolomitesvives infopoints, control points and tourist information centres was available at Mobility – DolomitesVives to facilitate tourists. The project results were presented at the II Dolomites UNESCO Forum held in Sesto/Sexten (BZ) on October 1st 2018.
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IT.A.CÀ Trentino 2018

The IT.A.CÀ Festival of Responsible Tourism will take place in Trentino (Italy) from 24th to 30th September 2018 and will bring new opportunities to experience and reflect on sustainable tourism. A rich programme of events - exhibitions, meetings, workshops, shows, initiatives, conferences, competitions, guided tours, cycling and walking tours, 0 km food tastings, documentaries - invites you to discover hidden places and cultures, with a more ethical perspective that respects the environment and the local inhabitants.
The IT.A.CÀ Festival was born in Bologna in 2008 and is today an important network between different cities and regions at national level.
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IT.A.CÀ Festival of Responsible Tourism

OnTour on the way

We can learn a lot from sport competitions, not just for our everyday life, but also for carrying on projects with cross-border partnerships: motivation, team spirit and a good start are the main ingredients to achieve a wished goal.
These are the values of the OnTour project, which officially started on March 1st 2018 after the Kick-off meeting held in Bolzano/Bozen. All partners from Austria, such as the Regionalverband Pongau, and from Italy, such as the Ökoinstitut Südtirol/Alto Adige Cooperativa, the Free University of Bolzano and the Consortium for Tourism Promotion in the Tarvisio area, Sella Nevea and Pramollo Pass were invited to the meeting.
An optimistic start and a great opportunity to create a “sharing and exchange” atmosphere on various topics.  And now... let’s start!
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Kick-off meeting